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Health and Wholeness

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Health and Wholeness

Health and Wholeness are states of being that, when experienced, allow us to enjoy a full life experience.

When we are healthy, we are not perpetually overwhelmed by our circumstances, we are balanced in our priorities, and we are generally satisfied with ourselves, our relationships, and the trajectory of our life.  

When we are whole, we are able to observe and accept the full narrative of our life, sharing ourselves with the most important people in our lives without shame.  We are able to acknowledge our personal time and energy limits with contentment and strive for our goals with passion and conviction.

However, there are a myriad of interpersonal, intrapersonal, and external factors that can drive us away from a balanced, purposeful, and fulfilling life.  Childhood trauma, abuse, addiction, depression, overwhelming anxiety, untrue parental messages, bullying, divorce, health problems, stressful work environments, and family strife are only a few of the burdens we carry that keep us from achieving health and wholeness.

No matter how stuck you have felt in your life, it is possible to change.  I have worked with addicts to get sober, couples in turmoil to reconnect and rekindle, and kids and parents of kids with debilitating ADHD to find relief.  If you feel ready to take the first step in your own journey towards greater health and wholeness, I hope that you will contact me so that we can discuss the right next step for you.  

Best regards,

Matt Newmyer M.A. MFT